Let's revolutionize the way students find

We Know the Pain


There are millions of uneducated students worldwide and without the proper education students are often left unemployed.


There are thousands of untapped and unused educational resources which leads to missed opportunities for many students.

Questions & Answers

Students have questions but very often receive the answers they are seeking because the answers are often scattered and sometimes lack in quality;

Find resources around you

We give you access to curated collection of resources to help you through your journey. Find out about local and remotely accessible opportunities around you. We also give you guidance and access to self-help resources.

Get answers from Professionals

Finding the right answer from a credible source can be a hustle. You connect with professionals to get advice, mentorship, and answers to your questions

About Us

Kinnected is an online resource, question & answer platform where students are kinnected to an all-inclusive resource hub providing them with the best educational and self-improvement resources while sharing and growing a student’s knowledge. The Kinnected community experience is the best place for students, professionals, teachers and parents to share, learn, and create the online learning experience of the future.


We are gathering and aggregating a vast amount of valuable resources that were once scattered and often only available to a few knowledgeable groups and now through our online platform we intend to provide them to all students.


We connect students, professionals, teachers, and parents to a collaborative community to access resources, ask questions and receive answers from professionals and mentors.


To create a community were students, professionals, teachers, and parents have the right tools to create a better future in any endeavour.


We want to revolutionize the way educational resources become accessible for every student in the world by creating a community that empowers students to self-educate and find their career paths.